3 Questions with Molly


molly is a rising star of the highest order in underground dance music. a longtime resident and a&r leader at paris's legendary rex club, label boss via RDV Music, and prolific producer, molly is equal parts otherwordly selector and industry ambassador. 

molly delivers deeply emotive sets by way of masterful mixing to crowds across the globe - from her head_on party at rex, to the hallowed halls of berlin, ibiza, and beyond.

molly has warmly welcomed the manifest team to the dance music world with every chance she's had. it is an honor to welcome her to smartbar. 


one. is there a moment in time (art project, a certain teacher, etc.) when you knew that creating was going to be your life’s work? if so, can you describe that (memory, feeling, thought) for us?

to be honest, not really… i was really into sports when i was a child and a teenager and my family was too, so there were no artistic activities at all. they would never have imagined me doing something artistic. i discovered those skills during my university studies.

two. how does where you are (personally, geographically, historically, etc.) impact the work you create? how does chicago factor into that equation, if at all?

i live in paris, a beautiful city which has a strong history and artistic background. just having a  little walk in some parts of the city is inspiring. maybe i put the “romantic” side of the city in my music? people used to say that there is a special emotion in my sets.

but for sure, when i need inspiration or a break from the studio i go to an art exhibition. it's the best way to clear your mind and get inspired.

i heard a lot about chicago before getting there, especially from my sister who visited the city a couple of times. she is also into music, rock music specifically, and chicago has a strong background in music in general. this city inspired many great artists. i have not had the chance yet to spend enough time in the city to feel how it could impact my inspiration or my music but hopefully this time!

three. what is the role of the artist in today’s world, for you?

i have the strange feeling that nowadays artists are losing their role.

an artist is supposed to only focus on their art and on creation but nowadays we ask artists to be focused on social media. everything is becoming more “superficial."

the role of an artist is to create, to go beyond the limits of what everybody else thinks, beyond the limits of the common thought. an artist also has the duty to take part in some positions. artists are influential, in any kind of art, so we should use this influence properly by showing the new generation what they can do and care about.

Manifest Chicago