Three Questions with Fred P

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in advance of his appearance at smartbar this friday (2/9) we asked fred p a few questions...

fred p aka black jazz consortium has been a force of experimentation, transcendence, & thought in american dance music for decades. the berlin-based, new york native has released the lion's share of his work on his label, soul people music, but has collaborated with the world's most prominent producers & selectors via traxx, ostgut ton, & dozens more. 

fred's creations are soulful, emotive, & resonant. we are honored to host his chicago debut. 


one. is there a moment in time (art project, a certain teacher, etc.) when you knew that creating was going to be your life’s work? if so, can you describe that (memory, feeling, thought) for us?

there wasn’t really a moment that occurred, it was more of a natural happening of circumstances of one thing leading to another. then after eleven years on the road i realized this is it, there is nothing else & i couldn’t be happier. 

two. how does where you are (personally, geographically, historically, etc.) impact the work you create? how does chicago factor into that equation, if at all?

i have been living in europe for the past six years, the energy is different there & that has influenced my work to the degree of evolution. when i travel somewhere new i always try to write if possible. just to see what influences are there. chicago is a privilege & a treat as i have never been before and there’s so much history. the energetic resonance must come through in one way or another & i’m interested to experience how that may take place.

three. what is the role of the artist in today’s world, for you?

i feel that Artists should always honestly express themselves. art reflects life, however in today’s ever changing technological landscape it seems life imitates art more and more and the authentic life pales. so if Artists are really doing it instead of painting this perfect picture of marketability we might have a shot at something real to be inspired by. for me i take this approach always as there is no other way to keep it real. i’m not saying i stand on a soapbox; i’m totally the opposite. however the world in which we live has an influence on emotional content & that will find its way into my work whether it’s a direct reflection or a pushback to balance that input. so the take away from that is be true to yourself and allow the music to speak. 

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