For Manifest, the word advocacy holds a dual meaning.

It represents a quest for civic consciousness and a passion for artistic advancement.


Civic Consciouness

We are grounded in a belief that art is a catalyst for the improvement of urban life.

We seek to inspire civic consciousness through artistic expression.

We evoke transcendent experiences in order to bring about loving community & proactive engagement.

Selected Charity Partners

Herban Produce

Center on Halsted

Hope for the Day

Farmworkers and Landscapers Advocacy Project


Chicago Help Initiative


Our Platform:

Culture is an economic engine & catalyst for improvement in urban life

We advocate for nature and artistic expression in urban design

A deepening understanding of the human condition.

A broadening of the definition of fundamental human rights.

Artistic Advancement

Artists are vital catalysts for improving urban life.

We partner with artists who progress their medium in the namesake of greater truths.

We do this by:

Providing a platform for the exhibition of their work

Creating context for their work

Acting as collaborators and partners in the creative process

Representing and protecting their interests in creative industries