Manifest is a creative house & advocate working in Chicago, Illinois. We work across mediums, with a specific focus on utilizing artistic expression to increase civic consciousness.

Manifest is the sum of its community - the charities making a difference in Chicago, the artists that create our immersive experiences, and the temples of music that we call home. 

How we collaborate // Manifest is a collection of music, film, start-up, non-profit, and event production professionals constantly looking to host events for, collaborate with, and consult Chicago's artistic drivers. Our capabilities include - 

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Creative Direction

Graphic design, film and media production, interior/decor design, musician and artist selection, promotional copy.

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Business Management

Budgeting and financing, negotiating and contracting (artists, venues, investors, and vendors), and promotional marketing.


Production Oversight

Set construction, A/V management, frontline/backline sourcing, ticketing and security, staffing, artist and venue relations.

Charities // Manifest programs use music and art to promote civic consciousness and advocate for concrete social change. We have partnered with dozens of charities to raise funds and awareness, including - 


Venues // Manifest parters with venues to identify talent, plan events, and host immersive, interdisciplinary experiences. We have worked with a dozen venues in Chicago, Los Angeles, and beyond, including - 


Artists // Manifest experiences are curated by the DJs, filmmakers, and visual artists that we proudly work with. Artistic partners have included - 

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